Sunday, July 15, 2012


Pastor Gene A. Dasher, Sr.


It has been an interesting week for my wife and me to say the least. Last Sunday we told the congregation we were running up to Pigeon Forge for a couple of days. Well, we didn’t make it. We got up late Monday and decided we would just wait until Tuesday and get an early start.

I got up early alright with a bug that would not turn me loose. I was so sick and took three days to start feeling better. Yep, you guessed it; my wife got it the next three days. So my wife was at my beckon call bless her heart for three days and I was at her beckon all for three. Our poor dogs didn’t know what to do but  just lie at our side and watch us. Even one of them got sick.

During this time if I needed an ice pack or a wet cloth or if my wife needed one we jumped up and took care of the need. While walking the dogs yesterday my inspiration was are we at God’s beckon call?

The song says “When He calls I will answer here am I.” Can we say we are committed enough to God to drop whatever we are doing and heed his beckon call. You may say I use to be that way. Are you sitting on a pew somewhere today and unwilling to respond when he calls?

It has bothered me seeing so many Christians sitting on the side line when they are needed by God. I cry out Lord, help us be at your beckon call. I know you have fought a good fight, I know you have done good works but don’t you know God is not finished with you yet. I used some words one time with some senior ministers and it said, “We’re not dead yet, we’re not dead yet, glory hallelujah, we’re not dead yet.”

We must not just talk about when we heeded his beckon call; we must be an example in showing this generation how to do it. We may be limited by health and other ways but we can do what he places before us.

Some of my greatest inspirations are the seniors around me that get up and heed God’s call. I think of my mom at 80 asking her pastor if she could have prayer with the little children while the others did their devotion before going to class. I think of every time I see Sis Elva Howard as she pushes herself to visit someone, I think of her sister Sis Bessie Hardin who had poor health but would get up and go visit my mother-in-law. I think of Sister Ina Tomlinson who would go take care of people and do their laundry  and pick them up for church. I think of Bro. Ray Wynn who struggles to move but blesses people with his visits and prayers. I think of Bro. Henry Biggers even after 90 gets up and goes to visit folks. I think of W.A. Howard and his continual ministry of love. I Think of Wayne Chelette  a great teacher and even when his wife was having surgery took time to visit and have prayer with others.

Time and space stop me be but these folks brave the trail and some of them are still with us heeding God’s beckon call. Will you do the same today? Souls are crying for someone to show them the way.  Another song says “Give up and let Jesus take over…” Lord let me heed your beckon call I pray.

“If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1John 1:9
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