Friday, October 11, 2013


Pastor Gene A. Dasher, Sr.


There have been some problems getting Surfing with Jesus sent out since the folks I use to do it made changes in August. I haven’t been gone just not sure how to use this new stuff. So, here is my futile attempt to use it. 

Let me begin by saying thank you for all of you throughout the world for allowing me to share with you. In tracing notes from the past I am sharing some`      thought that I found that brought me to do Surfing with Jesus.

One note on September 25, 1998 goes like this”…Hey, I’ve been trying to get someone to go to Sunday School tomorrow, reckon you could come over the NET? That would make 3 times a year? Can’t seem to get any in person flesh and blood, so let’s start the first internet church; let’s call it the Surfing with Jesus Church. Our Sermon, Jesus Ain’t a Flake by Pastor Gene A. Dasher.”

This was a note to Ray my wife’s cousin who said he went to church with his folks twice that year. 

 As I write my sole desire is to uplift Christ, fellow Christians, and share the love of Jesus with others. I have tried to be true to this over fifteen years now. I pastor a country church that is great in prayer but small in number. This was born when I was a little down and God gave me this ministry and it still lifts me up each day. 

In 2004 we had over 3500 active email addresses we were sharing with when we crashed and lost all contacts. We started over and found several of you and have been back to over 2000. With the changes and people not updating their address changes we have less than 2000 today. But that’s okay, we put it on Face book and some 20 other sites with some 15000 -20000 possible precipitants. 

My hope is you will be uplifted by God and pass the good news on to others. One precious man of God who still blesses me even though he is in heaven use to say about the church magazine he use to pray for each week “If it touches just one person it is worth all the effort.” His name was Bishop M.A. Tomlinson. 

In closing today I share the very first Surfing with Jesus done sometime in September 1998. Hard to believe it has been over 15 years and some of you have been with me all the way. Thanks for your kind notes over the years and encouragement. You make my day when you share with me. 

Pastor Gene A Dasher

Jesus is always there; he has perfect attendance and understands each need. He’s in California, Tennessee, and where ever you may be. If you have a need he makes house calls and leaves you with victory.

What a wonderful God! Without Him life would not be. Without His breath blowing on us to give us life, we would only be dust. However, with his breath of life, we have a great opportunity in which we can give Him praise. He provides, He supplies, and I praise Him for His love, His tender mercies, and care.

It’s wonderful to serve a Savior that is not a flake, Jesus is better than Special K or any cereal you may have at home. Jesus gives you energy to face each day with a peace and joy in your heart that passes all understanding. 

God bless you this Sunday and every day.

Gene A. Dasher, Sr. 


Surfing with Jesus Church

“If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1John 1:9

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