Saturday, March 30, 2013


Pastor Gene A. Dasher, Sr.


As Jesus rode into Jerusalem he was about to finish his work on earth and ours was just about to begin. Come with me for a few minutes and look at all the things Christ did on the way to the cross.

“The Jews were in search of someone. They desired a king, a conqueror, someone to set them free. They had seen the mighty works of this man Jesus. They were witness to Him restoring sight to the blind. They saw the evidence of Him healing the lame. They saw Him feed the multitude with a little boy’s lunch, and had leftovers to spare. They heard about Him raising Lazarus from the dead. They listened to Him teach with authority. Surely, with power and authority like that, Jesus was without a doubt the one who would set them free. So, Jesus came to Jerusalem, and the crowds began to cheer.

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the crowds waved palm branches, a long-standing symbol of Jewish nationalism. They shouted, “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.” Cheering, praising, exalting…but then something happened. The cheering stopped.

Jesus didn’t gather any troops. He didn’t lead a revolt. He didn’t do what they expected. Instead, He drove the moneychangers out of the temple. He paid tribute to Caesar. He taught that giving out of poverty is worth more than giving out of abundance. He taught that in order to be great, you must be a servant. Jesus did everything the people didn’t want, and so the cheering stopped.” (From Why Did The Cheering Stop by David Taylor).

The people were disappointed and Jesus was sad because he knew the people would reject him. This was a long painful week for Jesus and his followers were confused but Jesus was about to finish his work on earth.

Some folks are still looking and it is up to you and me to share the love of Jesus and finish the work he left us to do. We are to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus. Folks, we need to let them know of his life, his death and his resurrection. Souls are dying on every hand and when we have completed our work on earth it will be time for that great day of Jesus coming back to receive all who have called on his name and repented of their sins and received Salvation provided for us by Jesus on the cross.

I cry Lord; lead us into the fields that are ripe and ready for harvest and direct us as we lead them to you. I am ready to finish the work he gave us to do. How about you?


“If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1John 1:9

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